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Grunge is back! The band Burning Fuses had its start in the underground of Berne in Switzerland at the end of the nineties. In a muddy suburb of Berne four pimply boys formed a Grunge-Punk band. From then on gyms, basements and garages have been glowing under distorted guitars and left legendary memories in the brains of the audience. In 2007 the band found its perfect constellation.


Best thing: The fuses are still burning – and nobody can extinguish it!


It was in 2012 when everybody who likes to freak out met in Bern’s „Reitschule“ to celebrate the baptism of the debut album „International Trash Show“.


No no, the guys did not rest on their laurels. Four years after the debut album, they were smashing walls again. The second album „Terrible Night“ was born.


Whoever is attending a concert of Burning Fuses has to have their earplugs ready, then it’s gonna be loud and wild. From Punk to Stoner Rock to awesome acoustic beauties it’s all there. The three musketeers have one mission: to make the fuses burn. Who does not like it, should stay at home. Everybody else will keep getting infected by the Burning Fuses-virus.


At the end you will totter home and say: Thank you, for the terrible night!

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